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August's Transit Proposals

These are rapid transit proposals that I have devised for cities that are ambitious but reasonable. I try to keep modest system expansions that wouldn't seem all too impossible to implement within the next 20-30 years, with some amount of thought put into determining alignments and appropriate modes to best suit ridership and travel time needs.


2040 - Light Metro: 36.5 km, BRT: 18.5 km

Minneapolis - St Paul

2050 - Light Metro: 112 km, BRT: 209 km, S-Train: 451 km (81 km frequent)


2050 - Light Metro: 86 km, LRT: 42 km, BRT: 59 km, S-Train: 77 km


2040 - LRT: 44 km, BRT: 15 km, S-Train: 59 km

Montreal (EXO only)

Expansion of Regional Rail only

Future Transit

These are rapid transit diagrams for systems as they would appear in the near future, including all under construction lines or lines under advanced planning. These diagrams should give you hope, for they reflect the actual transit being built or planned with a high likelihood of being built.








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