About me

August Pantitlán Puranauth (they/them)

Hello! I am a transit advocate and Toronto Metropolitan University student living in Greater Toronto. Good cities are made of high quality transit, safe streets, fun public spaces, and dense, mixed-use neighbourhoods – and I want to be part of the change to make these features accessible to all.

While I talk and write excessively about transit and cities, I like planning and designing transit networks and their accompanying maps and wayfinding. Graphic design is my passion, I guess.

I am also a part of TTCRiders, a non-profit group advocating for more accessible, improved and equitable transit. I canvass and survey the public for better transit, setup workshops to get people involved in transit advocacy, and sometimes I talk or write about key transit issues in the news. Come volunteer with me!

I also really like seafood.

I am most active on Twitter (@augustAP12), where I talk all day and night about transit issues. 

I don't have my own YouTube channel, but I sometimes appear in transitplant videos with my friend Fern K Hahn.

You can reach out to me by email by clicking on the email icon below. I sometimes respond to Twitter DMs as well, but not Instagram or TikTok.