December 2023 - Mombasa

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, and an important hub in eastern Africa. This transit crayon attempts to link together the region with a modest metro and bus rapid transit system, tackling the division and inequity between Mombasa's disconnected districts.

February 2023 - Minneapolis

The Twin Cities is one of the faster growing urban areas in the US Midwest, and this crayon attempts to adequately serve its 3.7 million inhabitants. Set in 2050, this proposed system comprises of 5 metro lines, 3 regional rail trunks, and 13 bus rapid transit lines.

December 2022 - Edmonton

(8-10 min read) This is a 2050 rapid transit concept I made for Edmonton, a city of about 1.4 million people. The centrepiece of the system is the high-floor light rail system, upgraded to a more metro-like standard. The system comprises of 3 metro lines supported by several bus rapid transit lines, and regional rail to the airport and surrounding towns.


March 2022 - Madison

(8-10 minute read) This is a 2040 Rapid Transit Concept I made for Madison, Wisconsin. This urban area of 680,000 would be centered on two light rail lines, supported by regional mainline rail and bus rapid transit.

January 2022 - Toronto

(8-12 min read) The $5.6 billion proposal to construct the Yonge North Subway Extension is pushing ahead. However, unrelenting opposition from several residents in Royal Orchard have pushed costly changes to this segment of the extension to the detriment of future transit riders. This article will cover the opposition’s emergence, dissect their platform, and review (and criticize) Metrolinx’s response. 


September 2021 - Toronto

(15 min read) I’ve collected service alert counts for all four TTC subway lines between May 2020 and August 2021 (15 months) via very basic Twitter bots that organize service alerts from the TTC by subway line. This write-up will dive into this data and how the reliability of the lines compare by count of the service alerts, possible reasons for differences, and how reliability can be improved.