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Thanks to TTCRiders for giving me the opportunity to speak to the media on a variety of transit issues – and the wonderful volunteers/members working hard to get better transit in Toronto <3 

[...] Speaking on behalf of TTCriders, Toronto Metropolitan University student and daily transit user August Pantitlán Puranauth told Toronto’s budget committee this week they were scared by the prospect of waiting for transit for long time periods at night.

“If we had more service, that means it’s a reduced chance of people being in situations where they feel uncomfortable,” said Puranauth.

They noted the service cuts are of particular concern for women on transit and echoed fears that Black and Indigenous riders would be targeted by fare policing and special constables.

“We need to be an inclusive city and a safe city, and that’s a city where transit is not overpoliced.” [...]

[...] A few more minutes of wait time does not mean a few more minutes added on to a commute, student August Pantitlán Puranauth said. It could mean missing a bus and being half an hour late to work. It could mean waiting longer alone at a stop late at night.

“This is stealing people’s time. It’s stealing my own time,” they said [...]

[…] “It remains to be seen of course what the effect of this new fare enforcement process will be,” August Puranauth, a member of the advocacy group TTC Riders, told CBC Toronto.

“We know that across North America, many cities have done reforms of fare enforcement, but inherently, fare policing does target people of colour, people who are lower income,” Puranauth added […]

[…] August Pantitlán Puranauth, a transit advocate and organizer with the passenger advocacy group TTCriders, said they wouldn’t be surprised if the deadline got pushed.

“The Eglinton Crosstown has faced so many delays. Originally it was supposed to open in 2020 and now it’s been pushed back. You know major issues with spaces like Eglinton station it’s very complex. But at the time, there’s an active subway line running above with tens of thousands of subway commuters,” […]

Is the city about to repeat the mistakes of Scarborough transit past?

Some advocates are warning that’s the case, as council looks set to approve a scaled-back version of the Eglinton East LRT that critics say bears troubling similarities to the soon-to-be decommissioned Scarborough RT […]

Did you know that the Scarborough Rapid Transit line will close in 2023?

Many Scarborough residents are still not aware of this. We will be taking replacement buses for at least seven years until the subway extension opens in 2030 […]

With several rapid transit lines in varying stages of planning and construction, Toronto and the surrounding GTA region will witness a substantial boom in connectivity in the coming decade, and it can be a lot to keep track of.

But one dedicated railfan is making Metrolinx’s job just a bit easier with their own unique creation, building out a detailed map that offers a sneak peek at how commuters will get around the region in the 2030s […]

New transportation projects are underway all around Toronto, from the Eglinton Crosstown LRT to the Ontario Line subway, and by the year 2030, the city’s transit system will be almost unrecognizable.

Thankfully for transit riders, there’s now a futuristic map of what we can expect eight years down the line. Created by August Pantitlán, a student at X University, formerly Ryerson University, the map details not only what the integrated rapid transit system will look like in Toronto in 2030 but the entire GTA as well […]