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Hello! I'm August. This is my space for all my ideas, observations, thought-out opinions and proposals related to transit, urbanism and cities in general in the form of written posts, charts, diagrams and maps.

I work as a community planner for TTCriders, a grassroots non-profit organization for better transit in Toronto; I'm also a transit researcher at CityUX. Any of the opinions/perspectives I share here are my own, and are not necessarily stances of these organizations unless stated otherwise. \

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This is a 2050 rapid transit concept I made for the Twin Cities urban area, comprising of 5 metro lines, 4 S-Train trunks splitting into various services, and 13 BRT lines. This concept proposes replacing the region's busiest bus corroidors with metro lines where feasible, and taking advantage of existing railways for S-Train service.

Join Fern and I as we explore Kitchenloo and use the ION LRT! In this video, we review the design features of the LRT line with respect to accessibility, routing, service, station features and fare payment. 

In addition, we talk about how the LRT works in conjunction with GRT's overall bus system to provide useful transit, and how this can be a model for building successful, integrated LRT in small to medium-sized cities in North America. Subscribe to transitplant while you're here!

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